The Pepper Tree

Voted Time Out’s Best Restaurant in Clapham, dining at The Pepper Tree is a relaxed and fun experience. Take a seat at our lively canteen style dining tables and soak up the unique atmosphere.
We look forward to welcoming you.

main menu


Prawn crackers 1.95 Edamame with chilli and garlic 2.95


Tom yum soup** 3.75/4.50
Shitake mushroom, chicken or prawn
Sweetcorn cakes ** 4.50V
Crispy, sweet and sticky
Crab & prawn dim sum 4.95 Pork & minced prawn dim sum 4.95
Vegetarian dim sum 4.50V and Vegan
Water chestnut, black fungus, sweetcorn and beancurd
Dim sum selection 4.95
1 Veg, 1 Pork, 1 crab
Classic spring roll 4.75 V
Crispy and stuffed with black fungus, cabbage, carrot and vermicelli
Duck spring roll 5.25
With black fungus, cabbage, vermicelli and sweet chilli
Salt and pepper squid* 6.50
With Sichuan pepper, spring onions and chilli
Tord man** 4.75
Spicy shcakes made with prawn, cod and Thai herbs. Served with sweet chilli sauce
Sesame prawn toast 4.75
Made with minced chicken and prawn
Buffalo chicken wings* 5.95
Chicken wings with sesame seeds marinated in a spicy, aromatic, sweet and sour sauce
Grilled prawns** 6.25
Marinated in Thai herbs, chilli and garlic
Pork neck skewers** 5.95
With BBQ sauce
Chicken satay* 4.95
Charcoal grilled, marinated chicken skewers, served with peanut sauce


Beef Panaeng ** 9.95
A rich thick curry with coconut, herbs, sweet basil, lime leaf, mixed peppers and green beans
Green curry ** 7.50 / 8.95
With coconut, green chilli, lime leaf and sweet basil. Vegetable or chicken available
Jungle curry *** 7.50 / 8.95
With fresh chillies, krachai and lemongrass. Vegetable or chicken available
Red chicken curry ** 8.95
With Thai herbs, red chilli and coconut
Duck Massaman ** 10.95
Simmered with coconut milk, peanuts and potatoes
Red vegetable coconut curry ** 8.50
Butternut squash, sweet potato, courgette, aubergine, chilli and sweet basil


Chargrilled duck breast*** 11.95
With seasonal vegetables, tamarind sauce, pack choi and spring green
Chargrilled Chicken*** 11.95
With sticky rice and cucumber relish
Mixed grill*** 12.95
Pork neck skewers, grilled king prawns, chicken satay and egg fried rice


Green curry fried rice ** 10.50
With chargrilled chicken
Special fried rice * 9.50
With egg, chicken, shrimp and mixed vegetables
Red curry prawn fried rice ** 10.95
With Thai basil, mixed vegetables and fresh herbs


Beef and oyster sauce 9.95
With cashew nuts, spring onion, Chinese leaf, mixed peppers and carrot
Thai chilli chicken ** 8.95
Chicken prepared with Thai sweet chilli sauce, long beans, fresh chillies, sweet basil, cashew nuts and mixed peppers
Crispy pork and shallots 8.95
Stir-fried with pak choi, mixed peppers, spring green and carrot
Prawn, squid and spring onion ** 10.95
With fishcakes, dried shrimp, pak choi, baby aubergine, chilli, spring green and sweet basil
Vegetable and cashew nut* 7.95 V and Vegan
With spring greens, mushroom, asparagus, tofu, cashew nuts, baby corn, pak choi, chilli, carrot and sweet peppers
Extra stir fried noodles 3.25


Chu Chi Fish * 12.95
Fish sauteed to a crisp texture served with red curry sauce, lime leaf and coconut cream; Jasmine rice and spinach


Chicken Laksa* 9.95
A mild coconut curry broth, rice noodles, galangal, coriander, beansprouts, spring onion and lemon
Pork ball and spring onion* 9.95
Hand made meat balls, wontons, pork meat and spring greens served in homemade broth with sen yai noodles, peanuts, chilli akes, spring onions and fried garlic
Beef broth and sizzling garlic 9.95
Homemade broth with strips of beef, rice noodles, greens and sizzling garlic


Papaya *** 8.45
Shredded green papaya, carrot, dried shrimp, lettuce, ground peanuts, garlic, chilli and lemon dressing
Spicy chicken and papaya ** 8.95
Marinated chicken, shredded raw greens, papaya, carrot, beetroot, cucumber and fresh herbs. Finished with a spicy sesame and shrimp dressing
Spicy beef with hot and sour sauce ** 8.75
Chargrilled marinated steak, served with shredded lettuce, mint, coriander, roasted rice and shallots


Drunken noodles ** 9.95
A well known hangover cure. Chicken, pak choi, oyster sauce, chilli, garlic, sen yai fat noodles and mixed veg
Chicken or Prawn Pad Thai ** 9.95/10.95
Rice noodles stir-fried with chicken, egg, sweet radish, beansprouts, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts and spring onion
Pad Thai Jay ** 9.50 V
Rice noodles stir-fried with asparagus, pak choi, courgette, French beans, egg, sweet radish, beansprouts, tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts, spring onion and mixed peppers
Spicy beef Rad Na ** 10.95
A typical street dish of minced beef, red and green pepper, chilli, spring greens, gravy and sen yai fat noodles
Extra Noodles 1.50


Jasmine rice 3.25 Sticky rice 3.50
Egg fried rice 3.50 Brown rice 3.50
Coconut rice 3.50 Stir-fried noodles 3.25
Cooked with soya sauce, bean shoots and sesame

- All our curries contain fish sauce
- We use nuts in many of our dishes so your meal may contain traces of nuts
- The vegetable stir-fry is totally vegan.
- We have designed the menu sothat you can add or swap ingredients, for a supplementary charge

- Takeaway available.

- A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to groups of 5 or more.

Spice rating *mild **medium ***hot